About us:

ATCO Product Company. Our name today understood by our customers as a name that spells quality and value. After year of Intensive research by a team of hardcore technocrats. ATCO Product Company has come up with a wide range of weighing machines to meet every possible weighing need of our customers.

Manufactured under strict quality control standards. Right from the component selection stage to final assembly. ATKO electronic weighing scales undergo stringent tests to ensure that the scales surpass the standards set by the Weights & Measures Departments.

Today ATCO Product Company has a complete range electronic weighing scales to weigh something as light as 0.01 mg.

At ATCO Product Company our service begins before a sale even start. A team of qualified sales engineers and executives operate from our extensive sales networks, providing you assistance and advice in identifying the need for electronic weighing, drafting of the specifications and selection of the right equipment. The qualified team brings to you the experience of applications from similar industry segments and also helps in designing specialized industry oriented machines with computer interfacing and custom designed software to meet your specific needs.

Used in over 10,000 industries in India & abroad the ATKO electronic weighing scales find applications in :

Inward materials/stores departments, shop, floor/production areas, quality control departments, R&D laboratories, packing departments, outward stores departments, offices for postal weighment, and many more...

A fully computerized complaint management system at our head office ensures that service is monitored closely for every single ATKO Scale in the country. C.A.R.E "Customer Assistance & Relations Executives" is always eager to respond to our customers and resolve issue. Spares stock are maintained on a two tier system

Stock with each Service Enginner's

This system of maintaining spares stock results in low down time of machines.

At ATCO Product Company, nothing less than the best will do..

Because at ATCO Product Company, we care!!!